Center of Attention!

People often ask me “What’s the most important aspect of the golf swing?” This may sound oversimplified but for the average player the number one thing they have to do is simply make sure the club strikes the ground where the ball is!

Look at any player who lacks compression or really struggles with fat and thin shots around the green and chances are, the bottom of their swing is occurring too early. Golf is a game of cause and effect and there are a number of ways a player could be inclined to bottom out prior to the ball, however, one key cause is poor turning fundamentals.

Keep in mind when playing golf, we are dealing with an “offline” game. This means our body’s position to the line of flight is away from or off to the side. This is the key relationship we play from in sports like golf, baseball, side arm throwing, hockey and some strokes in tennis. Conversely, in a sport like basketball we position ourselves by standing directly on top of the target line prompting us to consider basketball to be an “online” game. Online games require movement “along” the line of flight in order to be played effectively, whereas offline games require movements that are “away” from the line or arcing in nature. The big problem many golfers get into is creating movements that are too “linear” or back and forward along the target line. In most cases a move too much away from the target and or lack of rotation through will result in an early strike and poor performance!

The solution? Learn how to use your body more effectively to create a “centered” pivot complimentary of an arcing swing!

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