Back in Action!

By far one of the biggest frustrations for golfers is mastering the proper backswing sequence. Everyday on my lesson tee, I have players from all over the world telling tales of woe as it relates to how much they have struggled in this critical area.

Your golf swing is highly reactionary, meaning each movement is built upon the one before it. With this idea in mind, It’s safe to say that possibly the two most critical junctures of the swing are the start and the transition. Screw these two up and you’re in for a long day!

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One Response to “Back in Action!”

  1. ray leach on July 16th, 2011 8:39 am

    Jeff, enjoy your on line lessons and insights on the golf swing. I’m a former member of PGA Tour, now coaching full time. Would like more information, on lessons, clinics, teaching the teacher type of school. I’m always looking to get better at the game as well as becoming more effective in my teaching. I live in the bay area. Thank you, Ray