ASU Karsten Course Map/Layout

ASU Karsten Course Layout

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The Signature 16th Hole

As you stand on the 16th tee at the ASU Karsten Golf Course, you cannot help being drawn in by the beauty of the hole. A lake on the right side runs the entire length of the hole guarding the right and front sides of an expansive green. Mounding on the left and back sides of the hole complete a picturesque setting.

Then you check the yardage to choose a club and realize that you have a 217 yard carry over water to reach the green. Your instincts say bail out left to ensure a par or bogy at the worst, your pride says I can make this shot.

Each year the most seasoned collegiate golfers face this same decision. Our signature hole is truly a risk and reward situation. Which path will you select, the safe route to a bogey or the precise golf shot that could yield that precious birdie on hole 16?