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I tend to early release right before impact, my wrists break robbing me of distance. Any suggestion or drills to correct this would be greatly appreciated.
Bob – Tempe, AZ

The first thing is to make sure your swing is approaching the ball from a shallow enough angle. If you are too “steep” in your approach, you will tend to “throw away” your angles as a means of shallowing out the hit.

Secondly, realize that all good players are “taking loft away” through the strike. This means for example, the loft on your 7 iron should be strengthening through impact, as if you were trying to turn it into a 6 iron. A great way to feel this, is to intentionally try to hit lower or “knock down” shots.

In addition, understand that training this move can also be done with short shots as well, in order to build up to the full swing. Spend time hitting chips and pitches where you get the feel of creating crisp contact that delivers a low, running trajectory! Click this link for a video <> that will give you some additional images for getting more forward lean to your golf shaft!

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I tend to hit a lot of “fat shots,” where my club head strikes well behind the ball. I feel like I have a lot of bend in my knees and my lower back often hurts at the end of each round. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Sarah – Scottsdale, AZ

One key to eliminating fat shots, is to get your shoulders to continue rotating around to the left on the same axis they rotated back on, as changing the posture or shoulder tilt on the downswing will lead to early hits behind the ball.

1. I recommend doing a drill where you stand with a “closed stance.” Draw your right foot back, but keep your shoulders square to the target line.

2. Put a shaft across your chest to indicate the plane of your shoulders.

3. Rotate back and through feeling the shoulders work in a consistent arc. When finished, your right shoulder should be closer to the target than your left.

4. By putting the right foot back, you will feel as if your left leg is the axis of rotation for your lower body. You should very easily be able to feel the left leg “posting” up through impact, while keeping your shoulders rotating on the proper plane. This will ensure a solid strike vs the the shots you described with the club hitting the turf early.

5. Take the same feeling into your actual swing. Your finish will feel more rounded, with your arms low to the shoulders and very little pressure on your lower back.

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I use a 56 sand wedge and open the face a little bit and hit about an inch behind the ball. The ball doesn’t seem to pop off the face and get a high shot what am I doing wrong?
Shaun – Brighton, UK

One thing to consider is even though you are setting up with loft at address, you may be taking loft away somehow during the swing. Either in the backswing or at impact. In the back swing, you may need to feel more “cupping” of the left wrist in order to maintain or even create more loft. At impact you may need to feel more “throw” where the club head is allow to pass the handle a bit.

The final thing to consider is “Speed,” as generating more speed into the hit will also create height. I guarantee if you have loft and speed you will get the hight soft spinning shots you are looking for!

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I’m playing today, and I’d like a suggestion on how to take my game to the course while in the middle of working on something that feels awkward. What should I focus on while on the course in order to enjoy the experience, even though I might not be hitting the ball as cleanly as I would like?
Alex – Traverse City Michigan

Hit some practice shots on the range and connect with one “feel” for the day that you like. Watch the flight of the ball on the practice tee and stick with that pattern throughout your round. This will be the best way to manage yourself around the course.

Realize, that your golf swing will always be changing. In fact, in your lifetime, you will never make two swings which are exactly alike. This is a good thing to remember as it will be easier to accept the ebb and flow which is natural to all golfers.

“I’ve won a lot of tournaments with different swings.”
-Jack Nicklaus

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