Club Fittings

Does your equipment fit you? If you did not go through a comprehensive club fitting process, chances are your clubs do not fit you or your game. Improper equipment leads to inconsistent ball flight even with a sound golf swing. The good news is the PING Club Fitting program at ASU Karsten will help solve many of those problems.

In fact, in the April 19th edition of GolfWEEK magazine, writer David Dusek interviews PING’s CEO John Solheim about the evolution of the company’s custom-fitting solutions. It’s well worth the read. We’ve also included a downloadable and printable version of the article if you’d like to enjoy it offline or share with others.

As instructors, we encourage you to have custom fitted clubs that tailors your equipment to your stature and style of play. If you are in the market for a new set of clubs or want to know if your current equipment fits you, sign up for a custom club fitting with the PING Learning Center.

Through June, you can earn a 50% INTRODUCTORY PRICE off all rates shown below!

Fitting Menu
Time Needed
Full Bag Fitting (includes driver through putter) $225 2 to 3 hours
Wood Fitting (includes driver, fairway woods and hybrids) $100 1 hour
Iron Fitting (includes irons and wedges) $100 1 hour
Driver Fitting $50 30 min
Wedge Fitting $50 30 min
Putter Fitting $25 30 min

Fitting hours are Tuesday – Saturday 7:30am to 3:00pm. Please contact us directly if you need a fitting time outside of our standard hours of operation. We will do our best to accommodate you.

Fitting fees can be applied to the purchase of equipment here at ASU Karsten

We are a brand account for PING so our order turnaround time is exceptional. Typical delivery times are 3 to 5 business days.

At the end of the fitting you will be provided with your PING nFlight fitting data and club recommendations. Each fitting will include a “stock” PING recommendation and a PING tour level recommendation so that you may decide what fits your needs. We are a PING account but we like to offer an honest approach to fitting. If we cannot improve your game with new equipment, we will let you know.


For more information, please contact Matt Phelps at 909.706.2091 or