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Titleist Performance Institute certified instructors at ASU Karsten in Tempe, AZPING Learning Center Instructors Jeff Ritter and Matt Trimble are both TPI Certified Golf Fitness Professionals. It’s our belief that living and playing to your potential is best achieved with an integrated approach to the coaching process. As part of your lesson program, ask about incorporating functional movement screens, customized training regimens, dietary analysis as well as physical therapy or chiropractic care.

“65% of golfers play in pain”

“50% of golfers are overweight”

“95% of players who fail the TPI Overhead Deep Squat Test early-extend in their swings”

“What will YOU do to live and play better this year?”

If you are interested in the extent of testing we do to help you perform better, we’ve made available a PDF of our complete TPI Testing Regimen.

Our Performance Team

Living and playing your best requires an integrated approach to coaching. At the PING Learning Center we have surrounded our training environment with the best in the business to help you to easily develop a plan and effortlessly reach your goals, both on and off the course!

Cate Munroe — Nutritionist

Health Nutritionist Cate Munroe

Cate Munroe, Nutritionist

Cate Munroe’s commitment to better health began as a quest for personal improvement, but ended as a desire to help others professionally. Following a successful career as a top junior and collegiate golfer, Cate finished her studies in Honors English at Chico State University and shifted her focus to nutrition. Her enthusiasm for better living, led her to the acclaimed Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, in Tempe, AZ where she received her Holistic Nutrition Specialist Certification.

Passionate about the message of improving your life through a quality diet, the aspect she enjoys most about nutrition is the special connection she shares with her clients and the life changing impact better health brings.

Cate is Senior Nutrition Writer for Golf Infuzion Magazine. Her work can been seen on ABC15 News, Golf Digest Magazine, Golf Tips Magazine, GolfPunk Magazine, 19th Hole Magazine, and The Arizona Republic.

In addition, her nutrition tips are featured in Jeff Ritter’s new book, “Your Kid Ate a Divot: 18 Life Lessons From the Links.”

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Dr. Jimmy Yuan – Fitness Training

Dr. Jimmy Yuan teaches fitness at the PING Learning Center as ASU Karsten

Dr. Jimmy Yuan

Dr. Jimmy Yuan has found kettlebell training as an unparalleled means of rehabilitation and prehabilitation for a wide variety of conditions that seemed to plateau with other types of treatment and exercise. He teaches hardstyle kettlebell rehabilitative fitness, RKC System strength training, and golf fitness on a private and semi-private basis in the local metropolitan Phoenix area. Drawing from his Chiropractic and Acupuncture clinical background, his teaching sessions are often interlaced with concepts and training techniques from Gray Cook’s Functional Movement Screen (FMS and SFMA), Titleist Performance Institute (TPI), Active Release Techniques (ART), Graston Technique, and Tom Myer’s Anatomy Trains.

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